A quick note on pillboxes:

A while back I had to fly cross country, and in a pinch, I bought one of those pill organizers from walgreens. It only had one lid – the boxes all snapped into a stack, each box acting as a lid for the last. I’ve been meaning to replace them ever since I bought them, but that was the only option at the time.

About a month ago, I stumbled onto a replacement. Multicolor, set of 12 round containers the same size as typical pill organizers. Hooray! I bought them for $2, way cheaper than my original containers.

I envisioned dividing up my medicines so neatly and efficiently between my daily use and the first aid kid I keep in the bathroom. Over the weekend I was planning on reorganizing this: Getting rid of makeup past its date, updating my mental inventory of TP and soaps, that sort of thing. I went to open up my new pill boxes and: THEY AREN’T SCREW TOP.

They just pop on and off! Not even securly snapped – just a lid resting on top!

I could have inspected this in the store – but who makes medicine containers without screw tops or safeties? >> insert face-palm here <<



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