A quick note on pillboxes:

A while back I had to fly cross country, and in a pinch, I bought one of those pill organizers from walgreens. It only had one lid – the boxes all snapped into a stack, each box acting as a lid for the last. I’ve been meaning to replace them ever since I bought them, but that was the only option at the time.

About a month ago, I stumbled onto a replacement. Multicolor, set of 12 round containers the same size as typical pill organizers. Hooray! I bought them for $2, way cheaper than my original containers.

I envisioned dividing up my medicines so neatly and efficiently between my daily use and the first aid kid I keep in the bathroom. Over the weekend I was planning on reorganizing this: Getting rid of makeup past its date, updating my mental inventory of TP and soaps, that sort of thing. I went to open up my new pill boxes and: THEY AREN’T SCREW TOP.

They just pop on and off! Not even securly snapped – just a lid resting on top!

I could have inspected this in the store – but who makes medicine containers without screw tops or safeties? >> insert face-palm here <<


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Resources that don’t exist.

This is the post excerpt.

Many people adhere to a broad pattern in their lives. They grow up. They find themselves, prepared or not, living in the world independently. Especially here in the States, many people find themselves at this point somewhere in young adulthood – some even earlier. A vast majority of these people are going to move once or twice. But they’re going to find a great job or a relationship to pursue – or both! Some people want to create families with children.

And eventually, maybe only a few years after they’ve moved out, maybe only after they finish college. . . they want to settle down. Buy a house, sign a long term rent or lease.

That’s not my narrative.

I have a job in the entertainment industry. I move about twice a year – especially in the summer, when live entertainment festivals of all kinds pop up.

I’m writing this from my apartment where I’ve lived for 6 months. I’m already planning another cross country move in the next 3 months. I might move back here in the fall, but I don’t know yet. And, what’s more, I’m not paying rent on an empty apartment for the entire summer.

Here’s my goal: to document the unease, anxiety, and preparation of moving. To provide tips for maintaining “my space” wherever I find myself living. To create resources for making moving easier for people with all kind of abilities or lack there of.

Unboxing (heh) the overwhelming-ness of moving all the time.